Do you know about the RED PUMP PROJECT?


A. Commemorate Major Awareness Dates

We commemorate each of the following HIV/AIDS awareness days:

Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day – February 7th

National Women and Girls’ HIV/AIDS Awareness Day – March 10th

National HIV/AIDS Testing Day – June 27th

World AIDS Day – December 1st

We mark these days with Red Pump events around the country. These events range from small dinners with friends and family to happy hours, to huge formal events like The Red Pump and Tie Affair. The main goals of these events is to a) raise awareness about the HIV/AIDS crisis by starting conversations and/or b) raising funds for the cause.

B. Rock the Red Pump™ Campaign

The “Rock the Red Pump” campaign is our annual initiative to commemorate National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. It has become our biggest initiative, and is what started The Red Pump Project. Since 2009, when we had over 100 bloggers “Rock the Red Pump,” we have started the “Rock the Red Pump – 500 in 50” to get 500 blogs to participate in the 50 days leading up to NWGHAAD.

The blog network we have is unique in that they are women who acknowledge the severity of the issue and understand the importance of conversation. The power and influence of these bloggers has driven The Red Pump Project to where it is today.

C. Have a national network of Red Pump Ambassadors

In order for Red Pump to have a greater national impact, we would like an Ambassador in each state. Red Pump Ambassadors are official representatives who are charged in doing our work in their local area. Read more here.

D. Partner with other HIV/AIDS organizations

While The Red Pump Collective maintains individual goals and beliefs, working with other HIV/AIDS and health organizations and agencies is very important. Our Red Pump Ambassadors create a working relationship with at least one HIV/AIDS service organization.

One of our first partners was the Chicago Women’s AIDS Project, the only gender-specific HIV/AIDS service organization in Chicago, IL. Since 2009, they were have been beneficiary of over $1,000 in funds raised as a result of Red Pump initiatives. Additionally, the founders of The Red Pump Project are on the organization’s Board of Directors.

Through partnerships like this and many more, we hope to continually increase our national impact.

E. Encourage HIV Testing

It is important that people know their status, and we want to ensure that this is part of our message. Several of our events throughout the year should have Rapid HIV Testing available. Nationally, we’d like 1,000 people to get tested as a result of going to Red Pump events or events where Red Pump is partnering throughout the year. For events, Red Pump ambassadors can partner with testing agencies that will provide HIV/AIDS and other STD testing.

F. Raise funds

We would like to raise money for other HIV/AIDS service organizations around the country. We will raise this money via events that Red Pump Management (in Chicago, IL) and Red Pump ambassadors will have throughout the year. As ambassadors, you can identify an organization in your area for which to donate a portion of the the proceeds. A percent will come back to The Red Pump Project to help us do the work we have been doing.

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