Faith Community Bulletin Insert for 2011 Alcohol Awareness Month

The Pacific Southwest Addiction Technology Transfer Center (Pacific Southwest ATTC) has adapted the 2011 version of the Alcohol Awareness Month (April) faith community bulletin insert originally developed by colleagues at the Mid-America ATTC.  This product can be easily downloaded and used by churches, temples, and mosques for their Sunday/Sabbath-day bulletins, newsletters, or bulletin boards.  The 5½” X 8½” double-sided informational sheet provides:

  • Information about the disease of alcoholism
  • Effectiveness of evidence-based treatment in bringing about recovery
  • What persons can do to become more informed about this disease
  • What persons can do to help others suffering from alcohol addiction
  • What faith communities can do to provide support services


Please see attached for a color PDF bulletin insert.  Feel free to print, post, and distribute the bulletin insert, as well as share this e-mail with friends and colleagues in your local faith community.


Directions for printing:

This alcohol awareness bulletin insert is designed as a two-sided 5.5”w X 8.5”h sheet.  To accommodate the typical office printer, the PDF file has been set up to print 2 inserts per 8.5” X 11” sheet.  Print page one first, then flip the paper according to your printer specifications in order to print page two.  (Consider doing a test print first to be sure it prints correctly).  Once printed, a paper cutter can be used to cut the 8.5” X 11” sheets in half down the middle to create the 5.5”w X 8.5”h inserts.

click here to download: 2011 Alcohol Awareness Bulletin Insert

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