Coping With Hope conference | free RN, LCSW, MFT CEUs

Coping With Hope 2011 Brochure

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The Los Angeles HIV Mental Health Task Force invites nurses and mental health practitioners to a free symposium addressing mental health needs of PLW/HIV/AIDS in the third decade of the pandemic

Coping with Hope 2011
Stressors of a Chronic Disease
Thursday, May 19, 2011
8:00 am to 4:30 pm
1000 North Alameda Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Sponsored by: UCLA, USC, and DREW Pacific AIDS Education & Training Centers |  Pacific Southwest Addiction Technology Transfer Center | County of Los Angeles Office of AIDS Program & Policy |  City of Los Angeles – Office of the AIDS Coordinator

7 contact hours fulfilling the HIV/AIDS requirement for RNs, MFTs, LCSWs will be provided at no cost by the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center and the UCLA PAETC

HIV medical treatments continue to improve but depend on patients’ abilities to remain in high-quality HIV care. This full-day symposium is designed to assist nurses and mental health clinicians understand the impact of life stressors for a chronic disease, especially in an environment of declining program and clinic budgets.

The symposium will address the needs of underserved clients and populations in the third decade of HIV/AIDS and will emphasize the need for enhancing skills and referral networks to help patients cope, reduce stress and achieve better health outcomes.

Symposium Objectives

  • To examine the critical role of nurses and mental health providers in assisting clients with treatment plans and treatment decisions.
  • To enhance providers’ abilities to keep people in effective HIV care, and cope with life stressors.
  • To address current challenges in providing HIV care, especially budget cuts and staff reductions.
  • To review the latest information on HIV/AIDS and substance abuse treatments.

At the end of the symposium, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the role of the nurse, mental health provider and others in helping HIV patients cope.
  • Identify culturally appropriate psychosocial and mental health intervention strategies that address stressors in chronic disease management.
  • Describe strategies for keeping patients in care, despite an increasingly challenging environment of declining resources.



Substance Abuse Interventions | Medical Update | The Science of Mindfulness | Using Somatic Psychotherapy | Hepatitis C & HIV | Motivational Interviewing | Using Mindfulness | Medical Marijuana and HIV | Oral Health and Stress | HIV, Aging and the Brain | Transgender HIV Care | Trauma & ASOs | Suicide Interventions and HIVTrauma-informed services


Raul Almazar, RN, MA | Marvin Belzer, PhD | Marla Corwin, LCSW | Tom Freese, PhD | Luis Gutierrez-Mock MA | Mark Katz, MD | Joni Lavick, MFT | David Martin, PhD | Anthony Martinez, MD | Ardis Moe, MD | Sue Smalley, PhD | Sharon Wise, MHS | Fariba Younai, DDS

One thought on “Coping With Hope conference | free RN, LCSW, MFT CEUs

  1. Luc Jauregui says:

    Hi, I LOVE Coping With Hope! It is a Great Conferance and I look forward to it each spring! Because of required CEU’s, many conferance attendees could benefit from a workshop called ETHICS AND CONFIDENTIALITY. It could cover “A Need to Know” about disclosure of disease related issues.
    It could address “transferance and countertransferance” that comes up in the helping professions. It could discuss “The Practicle Application of Harm Reduction Principles”. Or any number of HIV Recovery and Coping issues that effect the providers ability to deliver services while navigating what is needed, versus what is ethical. Privacy as a law and a right, that is a boundry not always easy to interpret.
    Any number of trainers that you know are qualified to present this work shop. I do appologize if my motive appears a bit self serving. And adding it this late date night be nearly impossible…luc

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