HIV@30: Free Flicks

 FREE HIV/AIDS FILM SCREENINGS: In your town, sometime this year! The HIV PJA is partnering with Outcast Films and Logo on : Looking Back, Moving Forward. This campaign is designed to stimulate discussion and dialogue, with an emphasis on HIV prevention. Our goal is to reach audiences in 20 or more cities and we need your help! We are offering free screenings of four of their fantastic and important films to local community groups. The Outcast Films collection of titles includes four very diverse and important films that address serious issues around the AIDS epidemic and its ongoing impact on the most affected populations including the gay, African-American and Latino communities.  

Those films include:


Here’s what you’ll get as part of the campaign:

  • Waiver of the screening fee for qualifying groups
  • DVDs for your FREE public screening
  • Postcards of the film to help you promote the screenings
  • Any other marketing material or contacts to make sreenings a success such as photos and film clips
  • Help with marketing and outreach via social networking sites and newsletters

Here’s what we’re asking you to do to have a successful screening:

  • Send us an email to or just click here. Enter “HIV@30 Free Screenings” in the subject line. Then, tell us who you are and when you would like to have the screening.
  • Organize 2 or more public screenings (80+ people) to be held prior to December 15, 2011
  • Promote and market the screenings to your community including a listing on your website and a link to Outcast Films.
  • Pass out promotional material made available to you from Outcast Films and our sponsors, including the HIV Prevention Justice Alliance
  • Extend an invitation for audience members to join the HIV Prevention Justice Alliance, and pass out a sign-up list
  • Promote your event through social networking sites and to your members.
  • Organize a panel discussion after the screening.
  • Return the film after the screening (PLEASE NOTE: a valid credit card number must be given to secure the cost of the DVDs in the event the DVDs are not returned to Outcast Films. No charges will be made against your credit card unless the DVDs are not returned.)

For additional information about HIV@30 and all of the film included in the campaign, please visit


This offer is good for a limited time only and for a limited number of screenings. We reserve the right to decline screening request as we see necessary. Outcast Films is a DVD distribution company dedicated to the fair and equal representation of media made by or about the diverse LGBT community. We are also educators and activists and want to give voice to those that may not otherwise be heard. Outcast Films outreaches to thousands of teachers, community leaders, activists, policy makers and breakers, institutions, and individuals. Through our efforts, we hope to foster critical discussions around social justice issues, as well as providing the public with a resource of cutting edge films and videos created by and impacting the LGBT community.

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