2,400 Free Orange Trees Available for Nonprofits

Dudek — a California environmental and engineering firm that helps clients design, plan, permit, manage, and construct projects — is looking to find a home for approximately 2,400 Valencia orange trees!  The trees are at the Great Park in Irvine and Dudek is coordinating the donation of the trees to non-profit 501(c)3 organizations.  The trees are among 5,400 that were donated to the park a few years ago and since have been transplanted into 15-gallon cans.  The park has planted about 1,000 of the trees and will plant some more but has determined that it cannot use 2,400 of the trees.  The trees all are healthy, about five to six feet tall and bearing fruit.  The trees should be ready for pickup by late May or early June.

The trees will be sprayed to kill any citrus psyllids and they must remain in the quarantine area, which includes all of Long Beach.

Please contact Jeff Rowe if you are an organization that wants the trees:

Jeff Rowe

Agribusiness Development Specialist

Email: jrowe@dudek.com

Office phone: (949) 450-7993

Cell phone: (949) 547-4370

Grant Opportunity Summary

Who is offering the grant?

Dudek, a California environmental and engineering firm.

What is the purpose of the grant?

To assist nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations that can benefit from acquiring Valencia orange trees.

How much is the grant?  

Contact Dudek to determine maximum number of trees per organization.

What is the deadline?  

While tree supplies last.

Who is eligible?

Nonprofit organizations that will plant trees within the citrus psyllids quarantine area, including all of Long Beach.

Where can I get the Nomination/Application?
No application is necessary.  Contact Dudek directly.

Who Can I Contact for More Information?

Name:                Jeff Rowe, Dudek

Email:                jrowe@dudek.com

Telephone:        (949) 450-7993

Thank you to Kathleen McCleary for sharing this opportunity!

The Neighborhood Resource Center has computers with internet access available for neighborhood and community groups to research and submit proposals and applications for this and other grant funds and awards.  Please call ahead to reserve computer time to (562) 570-1010.

Please let us know if your organization requests trees (and how many you get!)  Good luck!

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