Campaign to End AIDS

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June 14 2011, 11:00AM-2:00PM
AIDS Healthcare Foundation Auditorium
6255 West Sunset Boulevard 21ST Floor Los Angeles 90028


The Campaign To End AIDS (C2EA) Los Angeles is a grass roots advocacy network of people living with and affected by HIV & AIDS. C2EA LA is a part of the C2EA West Region which includes California, Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.

Members also include care and service providers, prevention specialist, advocates, faith based communities, youth, and concerned citizens. Our purpose is to strategize around actions that work toward the goal of ENDing AIDS in the United States and beyond.

C2EA West will support and develop the leadership of people living with HIV & AIDS and advocates for the rights of all people living with and affected. We are dedicated to ending stigma, guaranteeing access to healthy living, and empowering all communities to end AIDS in the West region of the
United States.

We demand that our leaders:

  • Fully fund quality treatment and support services for all people living with HIV everywhere;
  • Ramp up HIV prevention at home and abroad, guided by science rather than ideology;
  • Increase research to find a cure, more effective treatments and better prevention tools;
  • Fight AIDS stigma and protect the civil rights of all people with HIV and AIDS everywhere;
  • Understand the vital role safe and stable housing plays in prevention and treatment and incorporate housing as a structural intervention for both.

Find us on Facebook at

Visit or call 1877.ENDAIDS (363.2437)

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