URGENT! Time Sensitive! Clinic to close 09/30 without help | Minority Mental Health Outpatient Clinic

The HIV DATF just received this urgent email:


Can you please post our flyer to your databases. I am in desperate need to funding my clinic. I’ve truly have tried everything including OAPP, private foundations, and so much more, but to no avail… My clinic is schedule to close Sept. 30th if we don’t get funding. We serve the most vulnerable and needy..people that can not get mental health services any where else. In fact, no one else provides mental health in our area. CARE, UCLA, and Long Beach all refer to us, but OAPP still said sorry no funding. CARE, UCLA, and other HIV service providers are all supportive and don’t want us to close, but my hands are tied.

With the ship quickly going down, I am asking for everyone’s help in saving this very important clinic that provides free mental health to people living with HIV/AIDS. Thank you…


Mary G. Madrigal, Ph.D.
Program Director
Minority Mental Health Outpatient Clinic
Substance Abuse Foundation
Tel: 562-987-5722 ext 214
Website: www.safinc.org


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