8 thoughts on “Hepatitis C training | to folks who registered but didn’t show up

  1. venora stapleton says:

    I do apologize for not calling to cancel. An incident happen @ work ( by working in a residential facility things happen beyond or control) that required my full attention and before I realized it I lost track of time and missed my appointment i truly do apologize for not informing you and will be more responsible and considerate in the future. Sorry

  2. Jose L. Chavez says:

    Jose L. Chavez and Maria C. Chavez we were unable to attend due to car problem. I want to appologize for missing training,

  3. D. McCullough says:

    I did attempt to notify you of my crisis at the work place and was not clear on the cancellation process. I was looking forward to being there and saddened that I had to miss it.

  4. irene rodriguez says:

    I am sorry for not attending I was called one day before the training for a job interview at 9am the same day of the training. I am soo sorry for not canceling but these people call me for the interview late it was impossible to cancel.

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