the HIV DATF … a year later

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has been so supportive of the HIV Drug & Alcohol Task Force over the past year.

We launched our website a year ago, on November 18, 2010. Since that time we have had 598,152 hits. This is incredible. I really want to thank the few of you who have posted to the site, and we sincerely hope that in the new year, more of you decide to take the leap. If you want to post, but you don’t remember how:

We hope to usher in the holiday season with all of you at our 5th annual Network & Nosh next month. Please click on the image below to reserve a space if you haven’t already. And please – there are so many changes, and so few of us “left standing” that we really want folks from every agency to bring some literature – even if you don’t need a whole table, bring some flyers or brochures. And if your agency is still accepting clients, please step up to the mic for a minute or two to tell us about what services you are providing, and to who.

So, thank all of you again.

Susan & all of the Task Force

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