How to Avoid Packing on Holiday Pounds

From Heather Watkins, your About Health Editor
Is your mouth watering yet at the thought of turkey and all the trimmings? I know mine is — just two more days until I can indulge in my in-laws’ amazing cooking. A Thanksgiving meal is often a time for excess, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find a few ways to make it a little healthier.

How to Avoid Packing on Holiday Pounds

It’s easy to overdo it at Thanksgiving — who wants to skip Mom’s famous pumpkin pie that only appears once a year? Remember: All in moderation, and try to squeeze a workout in there, too!

Low-Carb Versions of Your Favorites

Can’t imagine the big day without mashed potatoes, stuffing, and other carbohydrate-heavy staples? We have delicious low-carb versions of everything.

Stay Gluten-Free at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can be worrisome for folks with celiac disease. Not only are many traditional foods laden with gluten, but the opportunity for cross-contamination is high, particularly if other guests aren’t aware of the issue. Here’s how to ensure Turkey Day doesn’t make you sick.

5 Ways to Spend Thanksgiving in the Hospital

Don’t let a choking hazard or kitchen fire ruin your Thanksgiving fun. Brush up on some basic first aid skills so you don’t spend the holiday in the ER.

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