Looking for Bilingual Latinos to participate in a Greater Than AIDS Campaign

Looking for Bilingual Latinos to participate in a Greater Than AIDS Campaign

by Eddie Martinez on Friday, January 6, 2012

I am writing with exciting news and a request for your assistance.  We are in the process of casting individuals in Los Angeles for our national HIV/AIDS campaign with Univision.  I’m hoping that The Wall Las Memorias may be able to help us find the right people for this opportunity.  The campaign,Greater Than AIDS, is a national movement responding to the AIDS crisis in the United States, especially within those communities hardest hit by HIV/AIDS.  Given the disproportionate impact of HIV among Latinos and the significant stigma and misconceptions that still exist within the community, there is a real need to reach the Latino community with targeted messages that will increase knowledge and fight stigma.


Univision— the leading Spanish-language media company in the United States—will be joining Greater Than AIDS to help give a voice to Latinos to talk openly about HIV/AIDS in their relationships, families and communities.   The initial set of messages will showcase everyday Latinos who are affected or infected by HIV/AIDS, profiling their real-life personal stories to inspire others to take action to stem the spread of HIV.  The profiled individuals would share their “Deciding Moment”—an experience or event that changed the way they think about HIV/AIDS in their own lives and how they act on it.  Be it asking to be tested, buying (and using) condoms, correcting a piece of misinformation, or keeping up with one’s medications, these simple acts serve to challenge the stigma surrounding HIV and stem its spread.  You can see the English-language “Deciding Moment” campaign here: http://www.greaterthan.org/decidingmoments


We’re looking for bilingual Latino men and women in the Los Angeles area to join the Greater Than AIDS campaign.  These individuals can be HIV positive or negative, but everyone must have a personal connection to the issue.  Individuals selected for the campaign will publicly share their Deciding Moments related to HIV/AIDS as well as more in-depth personal profiles online.  The campaign is national and multi-platform, and it would include targeted television, radio, print and online messages in Spanish ­­­AND English language that would be distributed across Univision’s media assets, in addition to outdoor media assets, community materials and other products.


Casting specifications:

  • Looking for fully bilingual Latino men and women
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must reside in the Los Angeles, California area
  • Must have a personal connection to HIV/AIDS


We are particularly interested in finding:

  • An HIV-positive woman who is pregnant or who has recently given birth to an HIV negative baby
  • A mother of an HIV positive gay man
  • An HIV-positive gay man ages 25-35
  • An HIV-positive straight man married or in a long-term relationship


Anyone who is interested must fill out a casting questionnaire and include a few recent photos.  Completed questionnaires and photos should then be emailed to Stephanie Green at stephanieg@kff.org.

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