news about our Alexis Rivera

Hello, everyone:

I haven’t been updating the website as regularly as I normally do, and I apologize. Our dear, dear friend and community-member Alexis Rivera was moved from the hospital into hospice on Friday, and there are just 5 of us who are providing around-the-clock care for her.  Anyone can post to the website, and it would be fantastic if folks could start posting their events etc. directly to the site instead of emailing them to me to post. If you don’t know how, please go here for a how-to-post guide: HOW TO POST to the forum

Alexis Rivera has been providing services to the youth and transgender at-risk populations for many, many years. She has worked with the HIV DATF on countless events. She is the former Policy Advocate at the Transgender Law Center (TLC) in San Francisco. Prior to her work at the TLC, she was the Project Coordinator for the “Tranny Rock Star” Project at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. Alexis has received several awards for her contributions to the transgender community. She has been an activist and educator in the trans community for many years, and has presented throughout the country. She is now an independent consultant.

If you want to go visit her, we are trying to maintain a 2-at-a-time, for no more than 20 minutes visiting schedule. She is at the Van Nes House (1919 N. Beachwood, Los Angeles, CA 90068 | 1 block east of Gower and just north of Franklin in Hollywood). There is a room phone, if you want to let us know when you’re coming so we can sort of keep a schedule. The room phone number is 626.644.0083.

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