TODAY! SPA 6 Coalition Network meeting & Open House (sorry for the late notice)

This is the first open house (at our new host site) we have had and YOU ARE INVITED!  Hope to see you there!!! 

Peace & Blessings~~Sharon 

*See more information below and the attachment:

SPA 6 Network –

The next SPA 6 Coalition Network meeting will take place tomorrow, Tuesday, May 8, from 10:00am -12:00pm at the AIDS Project Los Angeles Health and Wellness Center; 3743 S. La Brea Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90016.

The agenda is attached: SPA6 SPN Agenda 5-8-12

In this month’s meeting we will be joined by three Assembly District 59 candidates who will answer questions related to the health and well-being of SPA 6.

The SPA 6 Community OPEN HOUSE will take place beginning at 12:30pm in the same location.

The event flyer is also attached: SPA6 SPN – Open House

Please make sure to bring any materials you would like to distribute at the open house.



SPA 6 SPN, Communications Liaison

Jason Wise, MPP | Local Affairs Specialist, Government Affairs
AIDS Project Los Angeles
The David Geffen Center
611 S. Kingsley Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90005
P: 213.201.1652
F: 213.201.1595

Visit, our comprehensive online directory to HIV/AIDS services in Los Angeles County.

The vision of the SPA 6 Network is a healthy & empowered South Los Angeles. Our mission is to identify, build support and shape the future direction of health and social services to the underserved communities in South Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

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