to people who registered, but did not cancel their registration or attend TranSolutions

To the 47 people who registered for TranSolutions and who did not cancel their reservation or attend, please answer this single-question poll.

The cost of your collective non-cancellation or attendance was $470, which came out of the pockets of the 2 Co-Chairs. This is not money that comes from an agency. This is not money which comes from a grant. We pay in advance for the cost of the food, out of our own personal money. We order enough food for the people who register. When someone cancels, we let the food vendor know how much food to charge us for. If someone doesn’t cancel, and then doesn’t show up to pay, we are stuck with the cost of their food. This time, as I said, it was almost $500. We are just working people like you – people who don’t have extra hundreds of dollars to subsidize people we don’t even know who can’t be bothered to even let us know that they aren’t going to show up for a training. we understand completely when people can’t attend a training. What we can no longer allow is people who can’t even let us know that they aren’t going to attend. We even send out weekly reminders asking people to cancel in advance.

This happens consistently, and our new policy is going to be that people who have been no-shows will not be allowed to attend HIV DATF trainings in the future until we can arrange a mechanism for them to pre-pay.

4 thoughts on “to people who registered, but did not cancel their registration or attend TranSolutions

  1. michael williams says:

    If you check susans emails you will see that i canceled 3days before the class started so i dont think its fair to past judvement if you haven’t checked emakls yet

    • one of the possible answers in the poll was “I cancelled more than 48 hours in advance”. the email went out to everyone who registered and didn’t attend.

  2. says:

    Good morning I Ramona Fluellen attended the training however I did not sign in as I got there late.
    Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

    • hivdatf says:

      The request to answer the poll went out to everyone on the registration list who we did not see signed in. There were options in the poll if you were there, or if you cancelled your registration.

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