Conference on Latinos, Culture, Faith, HIV & Mental Health

All – FYI

On behalf of The Wall-Las Memorias Project I invite you to join us on October 22nd,  for  the 6th Annual Conference on Latinos, Faith, Culture, HIV & Mental Health. This year’s them is Facing Forward Beyond the Challenge of Change. 

This year’s conference features speakers from two of California’s top Universities and other organizations, who dedicate their time to serving the diverse communities of LA County. In the theme of moving forward there will be workshops and plenaries addressing homelessness, how to care for community members who have experienced violence, the role of religion in family acceptance and much more. As always this is a free community event, which includes breakfast, lunch, and Spanish translation. We invite pastors, ministry leaders and congregants from all communities of faith to join us in advancing our knowledge and efforts on how we can better serve our communities.

The conference will be held at The California Endowment, in Downtown LA, from 8:00AM to 4:00PM.

For more information or to register contact Jessica Perez at (323) 257-1056 ext. 21 or You may also fax registration forms to (323) 257-1095.



Thank you,

Jessica Perez
Community Organizer
 930 Colorado Blvd, Suite 3
Los Angeles, CA 90041
 P: (323) 257-1056 ext. 21
F: (323) 257-1095

 For more information visit:

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