WEEKLY ROUND-UP (week of 11/12/12–11/21/12) | updates to the HIV DATF forums

We will not be posting to the website again until the 26th. If you have time-sensitive material, please post it to the calendar or the forums on your own.

Whether you recognize this holiday as Thanksgiving or the National Day of Mourning, the HIV Drug & Alcohol Task Force wants to give thanks to everyone who works toward recognizing the humanity of all people, who believes that the world can be a better place, and that people, regardless of where they were born, where they live, into what circumstances they arrive – all deserve a chance to live a healthy, full, and free life. We celebrate all of you who work in social services, who are activists, who are community organizers, who are friends, family,    and support to the people around you. We celebrate and give thanks to the people we love who died this year, and those among us who continue to fight to stay alive – those of us living with HIV, hepatitis, cancer, those of us who live with addictions, poverty, loneliness..

So, speaking on behalf of the HIV DATF, we want to give special thanks for the time we got to spend with Elissa Bradley (11/19/75 – 03/09/12); Alexis Rivera (10/28/77 – 03/28/12); and Pete Jimenez (02/12/64 – 04/13/12), and for everyone who makes these kinds of lives possible.


Please be sure to check the the community calendar regularly, to see what is happening in Los Angeles. We post conferences, trainings, meetings, & special events. And in case you don’t know how to subscribe to the forums (if you subscribe you will get emails whenever something is posted) then please go here: 

HIV Drug and Alcohol Task Force | Members & Community category

1 new post in the forum:  Community Planning:

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8 new posts in the forum:  Fundraisers & Events; and

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3 new posts in the forum:  professional readiness; and

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2 new posts in the forum:  Research Studies & Clinical Trials

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1 new post in the forum:  Resources | online, L.A.-specific, community; and

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HIV Drug and Alcohol Task Force | Fact Sheets & Information


2 new posts in the forum:  HIV Information

1 new post in the forum:  SUD Information

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ANYONE (including you!) CAN POST TO THE FORUMS. If you need a refresher on how to post to the forums, please go here: https://hivdatf.org/about/

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