2013 HIV DATF Trainings

Hello, all:


If you would like to ensure that the  HIV DATF will be able to continue offering CEU/HIV trainings in 2013 we will need people to step up to help us with this process.  Since Farina and Phil are no longer in jobs which allow them to be Steering Committee members, our existing committee is unable to plan, organize, and execute trainings, and we will not be able to offer the $5 trainings we have offered for the past 6 years.

Please think about joining the Training Committee so that we are able to keep providing this service to people who need it.

We are scheduling our first meeting of 2013. If you would like to be invited to the meeting please email Susan Forrest at sforrest@bhs-inc.org to be added to the meetingwizard invite list.  Please attend this meeting if you plan on working with the HIV Drug & Alcohol Task Force during 2013.

Meeting Objectives:
1. put together a core group of active participants in HIV DATF training planning for 2013; and
2. start sketching out 2013 training topics and dates


Organizer: Susan Forrest
Subject: 2013 HIV DATF Training Planning Meeting
Type/Format: face-to-face
Start Date/Time: This meeting event is not yet confirmed.
Timezone: Pacific Time
Duration: approximately 1 hour 30 minutes
Location: BHS
6838 W Sunset Blvd.
LA CA 90028
(ample parking in the lot behind
the building)

6 thoughts on “2013 HIV DATF Trainings

  1. Maggie Babb says:

    Please let me know when this training will take place. So we can plan and get a possible group together. And will we receive CEU’S for this training and how many?
    Bienestar Human Services

    • we have no trainings planned for 2012. We are currently trying to formulate our training committee and sketch out our 2013 training schedule. If you want to help,.please email me (sforrest@bhs-inc.org) so I can add you to the Training Subcommittee email list.

  2. Jenell L. Ross says:

    Hi Susan,
    Jenell, DHSP I would like to join the training committee. Can you provide me with more information regarding what is required of a committee member. As an employee of the County I would also have to get it cleared through by boss. Also add me to the email evite.

  3. Joseph Hertrera says:

    Hello Susan

    Happy New Year..Hope all it`s well
    I will forward this E.mail to my supervisor . I know we`ll need credits in our program an I very sure he will be very happy to know this,,,

    Best Wishes,
    Joseph Herrera

    J W C H / C C H

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