Grant Colfax at the NHAS Update Meeting hosted by the HIV Commission

National HIV/AIDS Strategy Update Meeting
On February 14,2013, the Los Angeles Commission on HIV hosted the Director of the Office of National AIDS Policy (ONAP), Dr. Grant Colfax, for an update meeting at the Music Center in downtown Los Angeles.

The event was moderated by Richard Zaldivar, Executive Director, The Wall Las Memorias.

There were 2 amazing panels, a number of presentations, and a lovely speech by Mark Ridley Thomas.

Who didn’t think to bring her camera? Right. But at least I had enough memory on my phone for this talk. The two fellows in the back of the room who were videotaping said that they were doing it for the White House. I asked if the video was going to be available and they sort of shrugged, But Check the ONAP website ( Hopefully the entire meeting will be posted.

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