Good Samaritan poster and palm card

In posterJanuary Assembly Bill (AB) 472 (Ammiano) went into effect in California. The law is designed to reduce deaths from accidental drug overdose and is one of several “911 Good Samaritan laws” enacted across the U.S. AB 472 provides limited protection from arrest for possession of small amounts of drugs and drug paraphernalia for peop


le experiencing overdose and for witnesses in order to encourage people at the scene of a drug-related overdose to call 911 to seek immediate medical help.

The Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) has developed the attached materials for pro

viders who work with injection drug users, their friends

and families to spread word of the change in law among their program participants. DPA can fill small orders of both the poster and palm card, which are being printed in both English and Spanish.


Contact Meghan Ralston at for more information.


Alessandra Ross
Interim Chief, HIV Prevention Branch
California Department of Public Health, Office of AIDS
(916) 449-5796

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