updates to the HIV DATF (week of 05/30–07/04)

Our internet was down for most of the week, so this was a light week for posting.  We have been hosting these forums since November, 2011. We have had 1,986,363 hits to our 9,535 total posts which is great. But only 4 people aside from myself have ever posted. Is it valuable enough to the community that someone (or more than one someone) would be willing to step in and help? If so, please contact Susan at sforrest@bhs-inc.org. It is getting harder and harder for me to do alone. I stopped managing the listserv because it was so time-consuming and I created the forums – to which anyone can post at any time – to make it easier for people to cut out the middle-man (me) and still get the word out to everyone who was on my email list – and more people than that! It is as simple for you to compose a post as it is for you  to send me that email you send me so I can post it. Literally, you can “select all” in an email, and “paste” it into a post and voilà!  You have posted something which thousands of people will see.


HIV Drug and Alcohol Task Force | Members & Community category


forum:  Community Planning and Organizing

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1 new post in the forum:  Forums, Fundraisers & Special Events

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forum:  In the News:

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forum:  Resources and Services available:

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HIV Drug and Alcohol Task Force | Calls for Papers, Abstracts | Conference Updates


2 new posts in the forum:  conference updates

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Please be sure to check the the community calendar regularly, to see what is happening in Los Angeles. We post conferences, trainings, meetings, & special events. And in case you don’t know how to subscribe to the forums (if you subscribe you will get emails whenever something is posted) then please go here: 

ANYONE (including you!) CAN POST TO THE FORUMS. If you need a refresher on how to post to the forums, please go here: https://hivdatf.org/about/



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