Leave of Absence

Hello to all of the 3,109 subscribers to this blog and the over 2,111,121 people who have visited the site since we launched in late November of 2010.

I am taking a family leave of absence for about a month. During that time I will attempt – but probably not regularly – to maintain the website. Back in early July I send out an email and a blog post asking if anyone was willing to step in to help in any capacity. It seems that no one is interested in helping. For that reason, the sight might “go dark” for a least a month, and maybe more, as I return to work and sort through everything I have to do to get caught up.

I had always envisioned this site as interactive – people participating in conversations about news and politics – and the budget -posts  related to our fields. People would post when their agencies were hiring. Or when they launched new programs, or needed clients. We would share events, fundraisers, and trainings on the calendar. That was what I thought when I started putting 4+ hours a day into it. But it never materialized. I have sent out requests attempting to find out how valuable – or what is valuable- about the site, but those requests also fall on deaf ears. So I can only go  by the stats. We get over 9,000 visits a day. Someone must be interested in the work I’m doing.

As far as CEU/HIV trainings go, I can’t see that I am going to be able to organize a training before October at the earliest – and only if I get actual help planning in. If I don’t get one done in October, it won’t be until February, because trainings are never easy to organize during winter holiday months.


See you in a month.

If you have any interest in participating in the task force in any way (aside from attending our trainings) please contact me so we can talk about it. My email is sforrest@bhs-inc.org



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