10/01/13 deadline: Affordable Health Insurance | Covered California

California is way ahead of many states making this complex health plan available. Don’t let your children opt out! Don’t let your relatives opt out! Doing so puts them at risk of losing one of the most important benefits provided since Medicare and free public schools. And you see what happened to schools when we no longer stood up for them!



Affordable Health Insurance | Covered California™ 
Covered California is California’s new health insurance exchange, where individuals, families and small businesses can find affordable health insurance.


Uniquely California

CAHBA.com is a great resource for consumers and agents looking for information and advice about California health insurance and particularly the Covered California health insurance marketplace.



Info Covered CA1 (800) 300 0213


Covered CA está a tu lado. Conoce tus opciones de cobertura.‎


October 1, 2013 Deadline: All Employers Must Provide Notice of Covered California to Employees
The Affordable Care Act requires employers to provide Notice to its employees that they may receive health coverage through the exchange (a.k.a. “Health Insurance Marketplace” or “Marketplace”).  California’s exchange is called Covered California.


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