Letter of Support requested for BHS’ Pacifica House FQHC project

Hello Everyone, 

Behavioral Health Services, Inc. (BHS), in our continued growth in and toward fully integrated services and the Affordable Care Act reality, are about to begin our construction phase for a new Federally Qualified Health Center in tandem with our Pacifica House Residential substance abuse treatment program in Hawthorne, California.  We are currently working on a New Access Point grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration.  We need as many letters of support as we can glean from the folks with whom we have worked over our 40+ years of service to the Los Angeles community. 

Attached is a draft, which you may edit as pertinent to your relationship with BHS over the years.  My internal deadline for these letters is mid-September, so no need to rush.  Please let me know if you may be able to get an executive level willingness to provide a letter; and as usual, if there is anything I/we might do to be of service to you and yours, let me know.

Have a great rest of your day.


Yours in service,


John Kirby
Director of Program Development
Behavioral Health Services, Inc.
15519 Crenshaw Blvd.
Gardena, CA 90249
Phone: (310) 679-9126
Fax: (310) 679-2920
Cell: (562) 673-0975


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