HIV Program Planning/Outreach Opportunity

Good day all,

The Los Angeles Public Library is establishing month-long, health focused programs in the branch libraries.

For instance, in January, the emphasis was on nutrition and physical fitness, in February on heart health and March on diabetes. We are partnering with local organizations and agencies that already have the expertise in these specific areas.

At this time, the pilot includes 18 of our 72 branches, and both librarians and library users are enthusiastic about this new effort; the program pilot has been very successful thus far.

 During the month of October 2015, the LAPL would like to focus on AIDS and HIV awareness. 

I am writing to ask if any of the organizations who receive email from the HIV Drug & Alcohol Task Force that have expertise on the subject may be willing to assist us in developing the October programming.

The interested library branches are:

  • Baldwin Hills Branch
  • Granada Hills Branch
  • John Muir Branch
  • Pacoima Branch
  • Playa Vista Branch
  • Silverlake Branch
  • Studio City Branch
  • Washington Irving Branch

For a complete list of the maps and their location please go here:

If you are interested in the complete calendar and monthly topics and would like to get involved here it is:

  • January – Nutrition, Physical Activity, Family Fit Lifestyles
  • February – Hearth Health, Cholesterol, Heart Attack, Stroke, Hypertension
  • March – Nutrition, Diabetes
  • April – Autism Awareness
  • May – Older Americans, Alzheimer’s
  • June – Nutrition
  • July – Mental Health Awareness
  • August – Hypertension
  • September – Childhood Obesity
  • October – AIDS awareness, Cancer
  • November – Affordable Care Act, Diabetes Awareness
  • December – TBD

Please get in touch with myself, Edwin Rodarte 213-228-7384 or Christina Young 213-228-7383

With very best wishes,

Edwin Rodarte

Adult Services Librarian

(213) 228-7384

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