updates to the HIV DATF

Sorry this is coming to you so late. I had so many great events over the past 3 days (a wonderful Hepatitis C training, our Network & Nosh event, and a Heroin & HIV training) that I haven’t had time to put together the round-up. but here you are. Also, some great news: when I wasn’t looking, we got our 3,000,000th hit on the website! (As of today, we are up to 3,144,395 hits in the forums alone. We don’t even keep track of the visits to the community calendar) So thank you so much for following the HIV Drug & Alcohol Task Force.

 Please be sure to check the community calendar regularly, to see what trainings are coming up. We also list conferences, meetings, & special events.

 For a site map of the forums, please go here: https://hivdatf.org/home/hiv-datf-forums-site-map/


HIV Drug and Alcohol Task Force | Interactive forums


Community Planning and Organizing:

– – – – –


– – – – –

2 new posts in the forum:  Forums, Fundraisers & Special Events; and

– – – – –

1 new post in the forum:  Information and news; and

– – – – –

Professional Readiness:

– – – – –

Research Studies & Clinical Trials

– – – – –

Resources and Services available

– – – – –


You can subscribe to a specific forum (ie: trainings, employment) or for the entire site. If you subscribe you will get emails whenever something is posted.  In case you don’t know how to subscribe to the forums then follow the 3 steps below


You can access a forum site map here

HOW TO REGISTER for the forum (an illustrated, step-by-step guide)

ANYONE (including you!) CAN POST TO THE FORUMS. If you need a refresher on how to post to the forums, please go here: https://hivdatf.org/about/

One thought on “updates to the HIV DATF

  1. Cinderella Barrios-Cernik says:

    Congratulations to the HIV DATF for the 3 million hits! It is quite an impressive and exhausting task.

    Best regards, Cinderella

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