Safe Refuge (formerly Substance Abuse Foundation of Long Beach) announcement

community rebranding letter (PDF)

Dear Community Partner,
I am very pleased to introduce to you the new name of our organization, Safe Refuge, which is the culmination of the comprehensive rebranding program we began in 2014. When combined with our new tagline — Hope. Change. Success. — we believe this creates a powerful new identity for our organization that embodies not only our current activities, but also our future vision and our continuing dedication to providing a truly safe refuge for all who need our help.

As you may know, our organization began in 1988 here in Long Beach. For most of these years, our formal name was the Substance Abuse Foundation of Long Beach. In time, many people just referred to our initials, SAF. Our name was accurate but it did not convey the inspirational aspect of our mission. Nor did it encompass the broader scope of services we now provide, including our division Ventures Employment Services, through which our graduates find employment that enables them to return to a productive life.

Our rebranding includes several components. As you can see above, our new name comes with a
colorful new logo. Our campus-like environment, where our residential clients enjoy living within a
cluster of small houses and apartments rather than in an institutional setting, definitely sets us apart.

We also have launched a new website, We hope you will click onto the new site and explore what Safe Refuge is all about. This may be a refresher for our longstanding business associates, vendors and friends but for others fairly new to our organization, it will be an overview of who we serve and what we do. We also invite you to follow us, and communicate with us, on our new social media channels: Facebook and Twitter.
Besides our new identify, at our core we are the same organization you have come to know and value during these past two decades. Our management team is the same; our mission, goals and values remain the same. We are here to serve people who need help with alcohol and/or drug addiction. While we do work with individuals from the mainstream population, we strive to also help under-served special populations, such as the homeless, veterans, single mothers or fathers with children, those with a criminal history, parolees, people living with HIV/AIDS and individuals from the LGBT community.

Thank you for your past support of our organization. I, and the rest of the management team at Safe Refuge, welcome your comments about our new identity and certainly I will be glad to answer any questions.

Kathryn Romo
Executive Director
Safe Refuge (Formerly Substance Abuse Foundation of Long Beach)
1041 E. Redondo Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90804
(562) 987-5722 ext. 12238

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