interested in partnering on a project?

A good friend of the HIV DATF, who’s agency, the 12-step Institute, has partnered with L.A. CADA and the AT Center, and is looking for more community partners to launch the Saturday Movie Matinee. Please contact Korey if your are interested in working on this project.

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From: Korey Wyatt (

The 12-step Institute, is partnering with LA CADA to promote our free, monthly Saturday Matinee series which features a major motion picture being shown at the AT Center on a huge projector screen with great HD resolution and surround sound.

So far we’ve been averaging about 15 – 20 people per event, however the room holds at least 100.  Key to its success has been its discussion session afterwards.  Charles McWells led a great one last time and nearly everyone participated!

The topics we intend to cover are not only related to recovery but also HIV, sex and cultural diversity.  Our only requirements being that the chosen feature film be highly entertaining and  of an empowering nature that would lend itself to a healthy discussion afterwards.

In addition to recovery related agencies we are also interested in reaching out to agencies, groups and residential facilities who serve clients with those above issues and interests as well.

So any suggestions on who to contact in order to, expand our outreach in the community would be greatly appreciated, as well as, however else you might like to contribute to this effort.

Korey Wyatt
12 Step-Institute, Dir.
(213) 537-3311  |  ~ Spiritual Solutions You Can Count On ~  |  Copyright (c) 2008 – 2015

2 thoughts on “interested in partnering on a project?

  1. Being Alive would like to partner on this project. We have been holding a very successful Film Night for our Members and the results are pretty amazing. It kind of turns into both an emotional support group (depending on the film) and/or a Social group which still has great impact on our Members that tend to isolate or have fear about going to a theater to see a film. I can be contacted at Daniel Robison, Program Manager at Being Alive LA.

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