05/30/15 Saturday Matinee “All About Eve” at the A.T. Center


Good evening Fellows of the Institute and Friends,

I’d like to welcome and introduce Daniel from Being Alive, who has expressed interest in our monthly Saturday Matinees.  We are always open to new ideas on how best we might benefit those we serve through these fun and insightful events.

Charles McWells has suggested we think of items to raffle.  If not for this time, then definitely for next month. And this month we are fortunate to have Charles McWells facilitate another after-movie discussion session, which allow the participants to relate how the movie character’s struggles with recovery, HIV, sexuality or overall self-worth shows up in their own lives.  People really seemed engaged and didn’t seem to want to leave, so thanks again Charles, that was great.

I also need to express my deepest gratitude  to Marshall, for making space possible at the AT Center and Richard for wrangling the Mc Intyre House crew to help set up.  Which is a surprisingly arduous task because we black out all windows in Unity Hall which is no mean feat

Here is a link to a Sample Survey we use to determine which movie is next.   If you have any additional movies or suggestions for raffles items, or would like send people to help set up, please reply back.

We should be able to allow people to start voting and choosing next month’s movie by the beginning of next week.  And close the voting off by showtime.

looking forward to all your suggestions and input,

– Korey
Korey Wyatt
12 Step-Institute, Dir.
(213) 537-3311

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