Men’s Domestic Violence SURVIVOR Support Group

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Los Angeles County HIV Mental Health Task Force

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peace-over-violence-logoDear Colleagues:

In an effort to engage more men in the community who are survivors of domestic violence, Peace Over Violence is hoping to begin a men’s domestic violence survivor group this spring. In order to start this group we are requesting your assistance reaching out to the community for participants. Please feel free to send this email to whomever may be able to help.

Participants must be adult, English-speaking men who have experienced domestic or intimate partner violence. Given our emphasis on trauma recovery, domestic violence and intimate partner violence must be part of the participant’s primary presenting problem.

The group is tentatively planned for Wednesday 3:00-4:30pm at Peace Over Violence-West San Gabriel Valley in Pasadena (892 N Fair Oaks Ave Suite D Pasadena, CA). We are hoping to begin as early as February but we will start no later than Wednesday, March 9th

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