2 Bedroom PSH Unit Available for HIV/AIDS

Hello all,

We are still seeking an HIV/AIDS family of 3 or more who is homeless for a 2 bedroom  apartment available in Long Beach.

The family does have to be homeless which means they should be staying in an emergency  shelter, place not meant for human habitation, or safe  haven, they could also come from transitional housing (but  they must   have come from one of the previous before the transitional  housing program).

The family can consist of any persons who identify as family, even a family of 3 adults as  long as they present as a family of 3 or  more. We will consider a pair of individuals who know each other and want to live together.

At least one of the individuals must be HIV+ or have AIDS.

If you have a client who matches this criteria, please let me know. Please share  widely.


Application and supportive documentation is attached.


Cheryl Castillo, MA, ACSW
Director of Permanent Supportive Housing
Alliance for Housing and Healing
Aid for AIDS | The Serra Project
825 Colorado Blvd., Suite 100
Los Angeles, CA 90041
T: 323.344.4861  F: 323.254.2956

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