SAPC Request: Share Proposition 47 Client Information

Dear Friends:

Substance Use Disorder (SUD) treatment and prevention agencies in Los Angeles County have a shared commitment to provide information to reduce barriers to employment, housing and other services for our patients. Proposition 47 (Prop 47) provides an important opportunity to work toward this goal for many of the patients we serve.

In 2014, California voters passed Prop 47, changing six low-level offenses from felonies to misdemeanors (simple drug possession and five petty-theft offenses under $950).  The law, combined with other reforms, has created the opportunity to invest in more effective approaches for breaking the cycle of crime.  Service providers can inform people that they can change their records, which can improve access to jobs, housing, education and stability.

Please review the attached documents designed to increase awareness of services from the criminal justice system and other health and care services for individuals affected by Prop 47.  These include an infographic in English and Spanish for the reclassification of qualified felony conviction and a flyer on a health care (Medi-Cal) enrollment fair.  We urge you to make these available in wait areas, group sessions, and other appropriate places. We also encourage you to join with us in gathering and sharing useful resources and information for patients who may gain new life-enriching opportunities through Prop 47.

Please forward these documents to colleagues, co-workers and staff, and let us know your comments or ideas for reducing barriers to our SUD treatment participants and alumni.

  1. Prop.47FactSheet416
  2. Reclassification-8.5×11-FINAL
  3. Resource FairApril16



Wayne K. Sugita, Interim Director

Substance Abuse Prevention and Control

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