WEEKLY UPDATE: Here’s what’s been happening in the HIV Drug and Alcohol Task Force interactive forums

WEEKLY UPDATE: Here’s what’s been happening in the HIV Drug and Alcohol Task Force interactive forums 

Community Planning and Organizing

– – – – –

8 new posts in the forum: Education; and

– – – – –

Community Forums, Events, & Fundraisers

– – – – –

Information and news

– – – – –

1 new post in the forum:  Professional Readiness; and

– – – – –

Research Studies & Clinical Trials

– – – – –

Resources and Services available

– – – – –

Did you know that you can subscribe to an individual forum or subforum? We recommend that you do that if you are interested in time-sensitive posts (i.e. trainings or events) Click here to go to the forum, then click on either orange icon on the top right to either receive updates in the RSS format or by email.

So… how do you get started if you want to post something or respond to a post? First of all, you have to register for the forums. This takes 30 seconds and involves coming up with a user name and password. HOW TO REGISTER for the forum (an illustrated, step-by-step guide) and HOW TO POST to the forum (an illustrated, step-by-step guide)


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