Providers who work with women – 12/14/16 S.H.E. is Beautiful event registration now open



In Los Angeles County, the rates of women who are testing positive for HIV is increasing; over 80% are exposed during heterosexual contact (Department of HIV and STD Programs). The increased reliance upon biomedical interventions has grown sensitivities on the need for women to have access to a range to tools that prevention transmission or acquisition of HIV. The Los Angeles Women’s Collaborative, including like-minded partners representing organizations such as HIV Drug & Alcohol Task Force, APLA Health, The University of California Los Angeles Center for AIDS Research (CFAR), One Woman Can, and UCLA Los Angeles Family AIDS Network (LAFAN), have formed a sub-committee aimed at increasing education and efficacy around prevention strategies. As women, we acknowledge that the consistent prioritization of male-centric technologies including condoms etc. has de-emphasized our health within the current landscape.

To address this trend, we went into planning mode. Today we announce that registration is open for S.H.E. is Beautiful (Self. Healing. Empowerment.) S.H.E. is an opportunity to provide information to women that supports them and their sexual partners to make safer sexual heath choices. With this contact we want to invite your organization to use this as a residential educational opportunity. The purpose of this event is to increase community level knowledge of PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) and other HIV Prevention technologies including the FC2 (Female Condom). Our target audience includes couples, women in recovery or transitional facilities, their partners, sex workers, residents of the host facility, and psychosocial providers. A flyer including registration information has been included.

The event will be held Wednesday, December 14th at St Anne’s Maternity Home, 155 N. Occidental Blvd. The planning committee will serve as hosts and each registrant will receive breakfast and lunch as a part of attendance. We hope that you will send both your residents and staff to attend this important focus on women’s health. Thank you for your dedication to your community. If you have additional questions, please contact (424) 242-4351 or via email at

for more information, email



la-womens-collaborative cdc_logolac-dept-of-pub-health

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