Updating our website in the new year – feedback really appreciated

It’s almost the end of 2016! We still have a few events to go (Network & Nosh in Gardena, Racism & HIV, Network & Nosh in N. Hollywood, and S.H.E. is Beautiful (Women, Sexual Health. & PrEP). We hope that everyone gets a chance to pop in to one or both of the Network & nosh events, and brings business cards, brochures, or flyers, even if you aren’t tabling.  And there are still seats available for the Women & PrEP event, which is being offered with the hope that providers who have women as clients will bring their clients, or encourage them to attend. Breakfast & lunch will be available.

statsOne of the most time-consuming parts of being Chair of the task force is keeping the website – primarily the forums – updated.  As of today, we can see that a lot of people are looking at the posts.  This makes us happy. But we had envisioned these posts as jumping-off points for discussion – and that hasn’t happened. So we are not sure if it is worth it to continue scouring websites & emails looking for articles which are available elsewhere, just to post them in our forums.

we hope that those of you who read this will take a moment to fill out this poll, and then let us know, from a list of forums (below), which are ones you actually look at, and see as valuable. By this, we mean valuable to you, not to the world in general. Do you actually look at them? If so, please let us know.

If you are someone who would be interested in volunteering to keep the forums updated, please let us know in the comment area below. We would love to have that kind of participation in the task force.

We look forward to your responses.

susan-felt             michelleenfield-sig

Susan Forrest, Co-Chair                                   Michelle Enfield, Co-Chair


These are the interactive forums as they stand now:

forum:  Community Planning and Organizingneed community participation   *  HIV planning   *  incarceration & re-entry planning   *  mental health & substance use disorder treatment planning   *  poverty planning   *  transgender | planning   *  youth | community organizing

forum: EducationCalls for papers and abstracts  *  Conference Updates  *  Trainings

forum:  Community forums, Fundraisers & Special Events community forums  *  fundraisers  *  holiday events, special occasion events

forum:  Information and newsarticles on behavioral health  * articles on gender and sexuality  * articles on healthcare reform  * articles on health-related topics  * articles on hepatitis  *  articles on HIV  * articles on incarceration, re-entry, and the prison industrial complex  * articles on marijuana  * articles on mental health  * articles on tobacco & smoking cessation  * articles on youth issues

forum:  Professional Readinesscounselor certification  *  employment opportunities  *  funding opportunities  *  internships

forum:  Research Studies & Clinical Trialsaddiction research * marijuana | research * HIV clinical trials * HIV research

forum:  Resources and Services availableservices available *  online resources * services needed

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