Welcome to 2017, everyone!

In the world of social services, it looks like we are going to have a lot of work ahead of us in the next 4 years, and we at the HIV DATF are already starting to plan. First, we wanted to let you know that our 2016 Annual Report is available on the website. Please check it out. We would love feedback and comments.

We are also changing the look of the website ( We are in the process right now. Please take a look at the website and email comments back to us. logo

You will notice that we also have a new logo.  It was about time to modernize the old one, don’t you think? So when you see this on training flyers and event promotional materials – it’s us.

We are starting to lay out our 2017 training schedule. Training topics that we are planning include:

  • ASAM Assessments – best practices
  • Criminalization & HIV
  • Post-election Anxiety: Town Hall Meeting for providers & clients
  • Self-Harm in Early Recovery
  • Trauma-Informed Services – skills building workshop

If you are interested, please consider joining the training subcommittee.

We are already starting to plan for our 2nd Annual Women & Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day event. If you are interested, please consider joining the events subcommittee.

For more information about our planning process, please go to our training page and fill out the contact form and we will invite you to our next meeting.

We look forward to hearing from you, and seeing you at our 2017 trainings and events.

Thank you!

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