#activistbasics – learn &/or contribute!

Activist Basics for fighting for HIV Justice in the Trump Era

Regardless of where we sit or where we toss and turn during these long nights since the United States presidential election, many of us are wondering what we can do to take care of ourselves and each other, and how we can even hold our gains in the HIV epidemic, much less prevent the loss of significant ground.

Given the platform of the Trump/Pence campaign and the leadership of Congress, there is not a lot of promise that we’ll get closer to the end of the HIV epidemic for all. In fact, there will likely be significant changes in programs serving people with HIV or seeking to prevent new HIV cases, and members of communities with high rates of HIV are facing threats to our health, our relationships and our families, to say the least.

A lot is already emerging in terms of ways to respond, such as this clearinghouse of tools and alerts for those concerned with the Trump agenda. In fact, there’s too much in some ways; in keeping with our time of information overload, the sheer volume of resources or ways to contribute can itself be an overwhelming impediment to action.

Yet, as the HIV community, we have a robust history of resistance, resilience and victories that calls us to the forefront of where we need to go today.

Within hours after the election results came in, HIV leaders joined with others to form the Activist-Led Emergency Response Team (ALERT), a growing activist network for sharing information and ideas — you’re invited to join us, via this webform.

And I’m working with Jennifer Johnson Avril, a contributor to TheBody.com, on a new effort called #ActivistBasics, which draws from the rich history and present-day efforts of HIV and other activist movements to provide tools, information and inspiration for our present and coming struggles. Find us on Facebook and Twitter, with more coming soon.



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