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We have updated and streamlined our forums ( in order to reflect issues of concern to the communities in which we are involved. We would like to encourage people to post about services, events, news, resources, and also to respond to other peoples’ posts, in order to share information and dialogue – to share and grow provider knowledge.  If you are reading this post as an email, you have subscribed to the website. The forums require one more registration. This is the interactive side of the website, and, as such, require you to register in order to participate. So… how do you get started?

STEP 1: Register. This takes 10 seconds and involves coming up with a user name and password.

STEP 2: If you want to receive an email or an RSS feed whenever something is posted, click on the orange button in the upper right corner. You can subscribe to the entire forum, or to certain areas (for example, job postings or trainings). You can subscribe to as many or few as you like, and you can set up your subscription to reflect your preference (ie: multiple emails or a digest)

STEP 3: Please start to post! If you have news about the current legislative landscape – or questions you want to put out to the community – find the forum and post it! are you hosting an event? Post it! Please particpate. Now more then ever we need to know what everyone is up to, and we need to share resources and strategies to ensure that our communities are taken care of.




Interactive community forums |

community engagement
local planning bodies, as well as statewide, and national planning, & organizing

  • community participation:
    • activism demonstrations, rallies, teach-ins etc.
    • advocacy action alerts, letter-writing campaigns, call-your-representatives campaigns
    • programatic  service-related: surveys | help with program development | requests for assistance from others in the field | fundraisers | agency events
    • events
      fundraisers, community events, lectures, social gatherings and more
  • behavioral health (MH, SUD, harm reduction)
    local & national community organizing around harm reduction, mental health, substance use disorder treatment and co-occurring diagnosis issues
  • healthcare
    updates on ACA, ADAP, DMC, Medi-Cal, Ryan White, as well as news about changes to healthcare access
  • HIV
    local community advocacy, organizing, and planning around HIV, including the Los Angeles Commission on HIV, the Prevention Planning Committee, various Task Forces and other community organizing groups. Also, updates on national & international organizing.
  • incarceration & criminalization
    community planning & organizing around issues of the criminalization of bodies, behaviors, and status
  • saving the safety net
    meetings, teach-in’s, educational forums, actions etc. in response to a predicted loss of community/social/health services

training & continuing education opportunities, conferences, calls for papers and abstracts

 employment and certification
This area is to let community know about SUD certification changes, & employment opportunities

  • counselor certification
    As of April 1, 2005, the counselor certification regulations, Title 9, Division 4, Chapter 8, made specific the requirements regarding counseling services in any AOD program licensed or certified by the Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs (ADP).
  • employment opportunities

health alerts
Los Angeles County health alerts

 research, research studies & clinical trials
This area is to let community know about local and national research, clinical trials.


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