Advantage Health Care Services – an introduction

We wanted to take a few moments to introduce our community to Advantage Health Care Services. In case you weren’t aware, Sal Correa, the amazing DJ at our Women & Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day event, works at AHCS. We would like to introduce him to everyone in role as a patient advocate. So this is from Sal:


AHCS believes in holistic patient care and our team strives to address patient’s and provider’s access to medication challenges via direct patient education and empowerment.  Our goal is to optimize a patient’s health outcomes by ensuring therapeutic medication adherence.

Some of the services our team provides are as follows:

  • Assisting in Insurance Enrollment (ADAP, Medical, etc.)
  • Substance abuse counseling/placement
  • Connecting clients resources such as Ryan White funded case management and housing
  • Scheduling follow up appointments
  • Accompanying patients to doctors appointments if requested by the patient.
  • Personally assisting with creating a customized adherence program with the patient caregiver or the patient directly
  • Host support groups
  • Set up medication drop off areas for homeless clients
  • Processing PA and TARS
  • Bubble packaging medication
  • Injection administration

I have personally served the community since the 1990’s.  Working in concert with physicians, case managers, social workers, peer advocates, clinics, CBOs, AOD treatment, skilled nursing facilities, Los Angeles county and hospitals to better serve the needs of the clients.  All of our clients sign a consent form to facilitate communication between all parties.  Our number one priority is to be an extension of the patient’s care team in hopes of bridging fragmented care.

I also want to articulate that AHCS works with clients across various disease states, including but not limited to detox medications, behavioral health, transplant, oncology, diabetes, cardiac care, senior care, memory care, and a myriad of different chronic illnesses.

In addition, we recently launched a mobile injection services program that is designed to assist in bridging gaps in patient care.  Our intent was to offer this program to clients who require additional resources to coordinate and administer long acting injectables. My colleague, Jordan Davis, leads the program and he can provide you with more information if you’d like to learn more about the program.  I have included a brief outline of the program to this email for your reference.

Our team is extremely malleable and is happy to customize a program that best serves your patient’s needs.  If you require further information, please feel free to contact myself. We truly value the opportunity to be your partners in providing exceptional patient care.


Sal Correa
Supportive Services
Advantage Healthcare Services
1-855-530-1130 – Toll free
1-714-537-7736 – Fax
1-323-592-0948 – Cell

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