thank you to all who participated in NWGHAAD

Thank you to all of the vendors, attendees, and volunteers. This was a fantastic event, and it wouldn’t have been possible without all of you. Please go to the event page to see more in-depth updates, as well as photos from the event (which are also available on our FB page) [caveat: we are in the process of updating the page right now, so give us a little bit of time]

The amazing Planning Committee who dreamed up this event:

  • Traci Bivens from the Women’s Collaborative on HIV for getting us items for the “free store” and for working the event the entire day.
  • Mary Cabrera from Bienvenidos who got us 200 tote bags for the event
  • Carlos Catano from AIDS Healthcare Foundation provided all the food – and, when we ran out, managed to get even more so that everyone was able to eat
  • Michelle Enfield, Co-Chair of the HIV DATF, from Red Circle Project at APLA Health
  • Susan Forrest, Co-Chair of the HIV DATF, from Behavioral Health Services, Inc.
  • Alex Iliug from Tarzana Treatment Center
  • Terri Reynolds from AADAP, Inc., who got us (literally) a truck-full of items for the wildly successful “free store”
  • Roger Sediles from AIDS Health, who invited Mychele Sims to instruct the ZUMBA classes
  • Stuart Slechta from Tarzana Treatment Center
  • Ceri Zamora from the Commission on the Status of Women who handled all of the logistics with Jim Gilliam Park

Our event partners:


Special Thanks to:

all of the agencies who participated, attended, donated raffle prizes, and helped to make this event extra special; and also to

AltaMed (for their testing van)

AIDS Healthcare Foundation (for their testing van)

Jeff Bailey from APLA Health (for the donation)

DJ Sal Correa from Advantage Healthcare Services

Daniel Gaby (for the donation)

Lawrence Fernandez from L.A. CADA who provided water for the entire event

Roxanne Lewis from JWCH, who operated the free store the entire day

Mychele Sims (for leading Zumba)



Resource Fair participants:

for website

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