03/17/17: LA County ASAM CONTINUUM pilot findings webinar



1115 Waiver Ready?

Is Your System 1115 Wavier Ready?

Join FEi Systems for a Special Webinar

Friday, March 17, 2017

1:00 pm PST / 4:00 pm PST

Register for Webinar

Register for Webinar



Dr. Gary Tsai and Dr. Tina Kim from LA County Department of Health will be discussing how a county wide pilot of the CONTINUUM, The ASAM Criteria Decision Engine™ addresses the aspects of the 1115 wavier.

A large audience is expected to attend, including members from the American Society of Addiction Medicine California chapter.


  • Presentation by LA County with Overview of CONTINUUM™ Pilot Findings
  • Overview of clinical feedback and lessons learned
  • Questions and Answers

More Information

More Information

Special ASAM Guests

Dr. David Mee-Lee, FASAM

Editor in Chief of The ASAM Criteria

Dr. David R. Gastfriend, DFASAM

Chief Architect of CONTINUUM

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