CCAPP Strongly Opposes AB 700, the Counselor Demotion Bill 

CCAPP Strongly Opposes AB 700, the Counselor Demotion Bill 
Your urgent response is necessary to kill this bill and save your job!
On Monday, CCAPP voted to oppose Assembly Bill 700 (Jones-Sawyer) due to the devastating impact it would have on counselors in California. To cover the costs of AB 700, certification organizations will be forced to raise their renewal fees to over $800 to pay for it. According to CCAPP CEO Pete Nielsen, CCAPP is protecting counselors from this burden. “The Assembly Appropriations Committee estimates the program will cost over $4 million in just the first year – that’s $4 million out of counselors’ pockets to pay for it,” said Nielsen. “We can’t let that happen to our members, AB 700 will increase certification fees by over 300%,” said Nielsen.
In addition to the cost to counselors, the bill also forces a large portion of certified counselors down the career ladder. “AB 700 demotes more than one-half of counselors,” said Nielsen. AB 700 “demotes” the current workforce by relegating all non-degreed counselors to “0” level, regardless of skill, accomplishment, years of service, or seniority, he explains. “No matter how much education you’ve obtained, if you do not have a degree from an accredited college, you will be at the bottom of the ladder.” If not stopped, the bill would be implemented on January 1, 2019 and it has no grandparent for the current workforce. All LAADC, CADC I, and CADC II, certified counselors without degrees will be forced to step down upon renewal. According to Nielsen, this will drive pay downward for experienced counselors, “As employers restructure staffing to reflect the career ladder, older, more experienced counselors will be shorted, as less experienced degreed counselors are rewarded at the top of the ladder.”

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