SBAT Demo Link will be up until 06/27/17

Dear SAPC Provider,


As has been discussed at prior Provider Meetings, the Service and Bed Availability Tool (SBAT) is a web-based tool that will provide a dashboard of available substance use services throughout Los Angeles County so that users (e.g., patients, providers, and other stakeholders) can identify appropriate specialty substance use disorder (SUD) providers in order to access services. The SBAT will be generally accessible to anyone with internet access, and will have filtering capability so users can filter through SUD providers according to offered level of cares/languages/services so that referrals are matched to patient need. The SBAT is relevant to all SUD providers operating within SAPC’s network, and once launched, will be promoted as one of the primary ways to identify appropriate SUD providers for referrals made into SAPC’s SUD provider network.

Feedback on Time-Limited SBAT Demo Link:

SAPC wants to give its provider network an opportunity to provide feedback on this tool, keeping in mind that the target users of the SBAT are the general public and providers who are seeking SUD services. The above SBAT demo link will be available for a period of seven (7) calendar days, so please review this time-limited SBAT demo link and submit your comments to Krystal Ho at by June 27, 2017.

After June 27th, this demo link will be deactivated as we work to finalize the SBAT tool, so please submit your feedback within the specified timeframe. The more detailed and organized your feedback, the more likely we will be able to make necessary adjustments.

In relation to the SBAT survey results, monitoring staff will be contacting you shortly to confirm the data submitted.  It is critical that you confirm and validate this information as soon as possible to ensure the data in SBAT is accurate.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation as we work together to advance SUD treatment across the County.


Daniel Deniz
Chief, Contract Services Division
Substance Abuse Prevention and Control, Contract Services Division
Los Angeles County Department of Public Health
1000 South Fremont Avenue, Building A-9 East, Third Floor
Alhambra, CA 91803
626) 299-4532 Tel
626) 299-7226 Fax

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