From Susan Forrest, Chair, HIV DATF

(apologies if you receive this more than once)

Effective June 30, 2017 – today – I will no longer be reachable through my BHS email. I am leaving BHS after 17 years, as a result of the elimination of CASC through START ODS.  Moving forward, you can contact me through the HIV DATF ( This is also the email from which all training confirmations will be coming.

HIV Drug & Alcohol Task Force (HIV DATF)
website | forums
I will remain Chair of the HIV DATF. The HIV DATF will continue to provide trainings, and I will still be reachable and will even be expanding the work of the HIV DATF.  Because of the ODS changes, we will most likely not be doing any trainings until September (with the exception of the previously-scheduled full-day LGBT training on 08/24/17) as we anticipate that not many people will be available to attend trainings which aren’t specifically related to service delivery. One thing is for sure: Network & Nosh will be more vital than ever this year! If you want to stay in touch with the HIV DATF, please register to follow the website &/or the forums. Or to reach us, the email is

CASC HIV Resource Specialists
provider forum
The Client Engagement and Navigation Services (CENS) will replace the existing Community Assessment Service Centers (CASC), and will be co-located at various County partner sites to support certain populations in connecting with treatment. The CENS will conduct the brief screening and will no longer conduct a full assessment. See the June 1, 2017 Provider Meeting Video or Handout for more information. I have added a  provider forum the HIV DATF forums through which we can communicate. as with all of our forums, you can participate by posting, replying, and reacting to other peoples’ posts.  The forum is for any provider in any of our service delivery systems and is intended as place for us to share what we learn as the theoretical changes “go live”; we have resources, information, and a responsibility to help each other get through the changes that start 07/01/17.

While our CASC positions are gone, our knowledge and resources/connections remain, and at least, speaking for myself, I hope people continue to  contact me when they need help related to a client living with or at risk for HIV. I am concerned that the CENS will not be able to provide the in-depth HIV/HIV risk assessment and HIV-specific referrals (along with referrals for PrEP or PEP). I hope we will utilize this forum to share information, strategies, ideas, and resources.

Please update your contacts to be sure that we stay in touch.  If you have any questions about the Task Force moving forward, please don’t hesitate to contact me.



Susan Forrest

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