LGBT Recovery Bridge Housing Program opening soon

LA CADA Art House logoArt House is a Recovery Bridge Housing program opening in late November, 2017. In northeast Pasadena, below the foothills of Altadena, Art House is situated on a large, private lot close to public transportation, health services, and green park space. We are a peer-supported housing program that provides a safe interim living environment for people who are homeless and are in either outpatient or intensive outpatient treatment for substance misuse.

art house front - winterArt House has been conceptualized to meet the needs of populations who have marginalized sex characteristics, sexual orientation, and/or gender identities (e.g.: “LGBT”) . We ensure a home environment which is consciously trauma-informed, intentionally affirming of our multiple, often intersecting, identities, and encouraging of artistic/creative self-expression. We are invested in healthy community-building and social justice.

Art House is a space free of societal stigma, discrimination and marginalization, in which our residents can recuperate from the minority stress that plague our lives, and from which our residents can begin to unpack and address internalized -isms and implicit/subconscious bias and shame. Art House sees the creation of intentional safe space; the respite from the larger, often oppressive, culture; and this shared, yet specific internal work as a critical core component in the recovery and well-being of populations – a component which usually remains unacknowledged in traditional treatment programs.

living roomResidents can stay at Art House for a maximum of ninety (90) days per calendar year. If the entirety of the 90 calendar days is not utilized, the remainder of the unused days can be applied later during the calendar year. We will assist our residents in navigating the Coordinated Entry System (CES) with a goal of obtaining permanent housing before they leave Art House.


Art House is interested in collaborating with local artists and arts groups, health and sculpturerecovery-supportive communities, identity-affirming clubs, groups, and organizations, and social justice movements with the goal of creating a space in which our residents can participate in healthy, affirming community-making. We want to open our space for local folks to make art, to break bread with us, have discussions, and to share in our vision.


Mission: Art House provides a safe, supportive, and affirming home space where people seeking recovery from substance misuse can begin the process of self-actualization through affirmation of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity and the establishment of long-term stability.

Vision: Together with and for people who have been marginalized because of their sexual orientation or gender identity, Art House will provide an environment where whole person safety and well-being can be realized through creative expression and discourse directed at individual health, building supportive communities, and celebrating our cultural diversity.

If you would like more information, or if you share in our vision and would like to donate or participate in some way, please contact Susan Forrest at the office (626-314-3333), my cell (213-277-7179) or by email at

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