trans-masculine spectrum guys who need recovery bridge housing – beds now available at Art Houuse

Hello, all:

If you have trans-masculine clients who identify as having a marginalized sex, sexual orientation & or gender identity, and who are looking for a recovery bridge housing program,  there are beds available immediately at LA CADA’s new Art House.

The qualifications for residency are:

  • over 18 years old
  • Medi-Cal or MyHealthLA eligible
  • enrolled in an outpatient or intensive outpatient treatment program
  • homeless
  • “LGBT” identified – we specifically are putting out the call for trans-masculine folks who identify anywhere along the sexual minority spectrum

Trans  / masculine-of-center guys in residential treatment who no longer meets medical necessity, or who are stepping down from residential into outpatient are encouraged to apply.

Trans  / masculine-of-center guys who are already in outpatient, and who are homeless are encouraged to apply.

Please reach out to Susan Forrest at 213-277-7179 or on the house phone at 626-314-3333

Art House flyer – draft 3

Art House 4


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