HIV and Client Populations

HIV and Client Populations for Drug Treatment Providers



  • Darrin Aiken has many years of experience working in the HIV/AIDS field and many years living a program of recovery. Starting out as an HIV test counselor and phlebotomist he developed and sharpened many of the tools that he uses to progress in his work with the community. His desires to help educate the various communities lead him to be recognized by his peers, community leaders, and Division of HIV and STD Programs in Los Angeles. He is currently using his skills to assist in the development of an ongoing program for Black Gay Men in hopes to help reduce the spread of new HIV infections in this community.  He enjoys his work and the connections in the community he has and continues to make. “It’s rewarding when you have one person thank you for the simple life saving information you gave them and they used it to take care of themselves, that’s the reward”.
  • Cathy Elliott is an HIV positive treatment educator, advocate and public speaker. In her current position as an HIV Community Liaison for Merck & Co, Cathy travels throughout the western US providing comprehensive education and support to service providers who work with HIV+ individuals. Prior to joining Merck in early 2011, Cathy has worked for over a decade with a number of HIV/AIDS organizations in the Los Angeles area. Cathy is the former President and founding member of the AIDS Treatment Activists Coalition (ATAC) a national coalition of AIDS activists founded in 2002 and is a current member of the U.S. Positive Women’s Network, and the International Community of Women Living with HIV. Cathy has been honored by the City of West Hollywood, Being Alive Los Angeles, POZ Magazine, The Los Angeles Women’s HIV Task Force, SisterLove Inc, and California State Assembly Member Paul Koretz for her community work and volunteerism. Cathy holds a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Management from Antioch University Los Angeles
  • Michelle Enfield bio pending
  • Patrice Little bio pending
  • Kathleen Watt Since 1994 Watt has been the Executive Director of the Van Ness Recovery House (VNRH), a residential substance abuse treatment program targeting the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Community.  VNRH was founded in 1973 by the Los Angeles Gay Community Service Center and members of Alcoholics Anonymous Together joining forces to begin the Nations first Gay and Lesbian targeted alcohol recovery facility.  In 1994 VNRH added a Job Training Program to assist residents increase their computer skills and to become employed. In 1995 VNRH added Out-Patient Counseling based on harm reduction to address the exploding Crystal Methamphetamine crisis.  In 1996 VNRH added treatment-on-demand (Day Treatment Program) for those waiting on the list to enter the residential program.  In 1996 VNRH added a Sober Living facility – a 12-unit apartment building providing transitional living for residents who completed the four to six month residential program. In 1996 Watt assisted Norway in establishing a social model drug and alcohol program modeled after VNRH in the town of Odda.  In 1997 VNRH participated in the first federally funded research studies on Crystal Methamphetamine and Gay Men on the west coast.  Watt has been a member of the HIV Drug and Alcohol Task Force since 1992, a member of the West Hollywood Addiction and Recovery Task Force since 1997, the County of Los Angeles Sober Living Task Force since 1999, the Los Angeles County HIV Prevention Planning Committee and the Los Angeles Commission on HIV, and Chairperson of the LGBT Drug and Alcohol Constituent committee for the State Of California Drug and Alcohol program office.  Kathy is a past Community Co-Chair of the National Community Co-Chair of the Urban Coalition of HIV AIDS Prevention Services (UCHAPS).


Los Angeles Commission on HIV Standards of Care:

Community Tools

Reports and Presentations on the HIV/STD Epidemic in Los Angeles County (DHSP)

2013 Reports and Presentations

2012 Reports and Presentations

Treatment Improvement Protocols

This TIP, Substance Abuse Treatment for Persons With HIV/AIDS, is a revision of TIP 15, Treatment for HIV-Infected Alcohol and Other Drug Abusers (CSAT, 1995b). It is intended to help a wide range of providers become familiar with the various issues surrounding clients with both substance abuse and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and to foster a better understanding of the roles of other providers.

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