Network & Nosh 5

This event is for advocates, activists and service providers in all 8 SPAs in Los Angeles, The HIV Drug & Alcohol Task Force would also like to extend a special invitation to all Task Forces and SPA/SPNs. We also encourage folks to join us who sit on CABs, planning bodies, or who are active in activist groups or peer programs, folks whose agencies offer innovative, exciting or new programming, and people who want to ensure that there are safe, equitable, effective, and accessible services to anyone in Los Angeles County who needs them. Take a few moments to tell folks in L.A. what you do, and spend some time listening to what others are doing. Then network. And eat.

Craig Vincent Jones, Executive Director of the HIV Commission presented on how changes nationally with healthcare reform and locally with Healthy Way LA are going to impact substance use disorder treatment as well as Mental Health treatment  and HIV medical care in Los Angeles.

Download the powerpoint by clicking on the image below, or here


One thought on “Network & Nosh 5

  1. The following case managers will be attending;
    Aiisha Ferguson-Comminity Case Manager
    Fred Brown- Program Manager
    Rosa Ayala- HOPWA Case Manager
    Diana Perez- Transitional Case Manager
    Miguel Ayal- TX Adherence Case Manager
    Vilma Mendoza- TX Adherence Case Manager

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