Trauma Informed Services for Women with Substance Abuse, HIV and/or Other Co-Occurring Disorders 2016




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Gabriella Grant, MA, trains professionals in the social services on an array of topics, including trauma, substance abuse, PTSD, eating disorders, problem gambling, domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse. She has worked with criminal justice agencies, the courts, social service agencies and public health departments to create trauma-informed transformation and programming. As a trained policy analyst, Ms. Grant looks at how understanding the neurobiological effects of trauma, safety and coping can be adapted for effective programming, staff training and policies and procedures to create a therapeutically beneficial milieu for a variety of treatment modalities and outcomes. Her background includes heading the nation’s first community corrections-based victim advocacy program for the Maryland Division of Parole and Probation, [1996-1999] and running a three-year project funded by the California Department of Public Health to increase access to domestic violence shelters by women with mental health and/or substance abuse issues [2006-2009]. She has a Bachelor’s of Arts degree from Amherst College; a Latin teaching certificate from the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, Italy; and a Masters of Arts in Public Policy from the Johns Hopkins University. She has taught at the primary, secondary and university levels and has trained professionals, advocates and consumers in a wide variety of settings.

Ms. Grant started working with the developer of Seeking Safety Dr. Najavits in 2006, when she oversaw a statewide project in California to increase access to domestic violence shelters by women with mental health and/or substance abuse issues. She coordinated the trainings on Seeking Safety and helped guide and evaluate its implementation within domestic violence shelters. She currently conducts Seeking Safety for women in a community setting. Ms. Grant is the director of the California Center of Excellence for Trauma Informed Care, located in Santa Cruz, California, overseeing the Center’s research, program and professional development as well as policy analysis activities.

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